Renewal day

I finally got around to renewing a bunch of subscriptions and memberships that have been collecting since the beginning of the year.

  • I renewed (and upgraded) my membership to Smithsonian
  • I renewed my subscription to SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN through 2009
  • I renewed my subscription to F&SF through 2008
  • I renewed my subscription to ANALOG through 2009

I also paid a couple of bills, including the whopper of a gas (heating) bill this month.

I’ve still got two charitable donations to send away, but I’m waiting for the next paycheck to take care of those: $200 to my local PBS station WETA, where I am a member of the President’s Circle); and $250 to the Isaac Asimov Memorial Lecture at the Hayden Planetarium. Maybe I’ll even manage to make it to the lecture this year (I’ve been donating for years and never made it to a lecture).


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