About a year ago, I got on the mailing list for COMPUTERWORLD, which is an IT trade magazine. Because I am an IT professional (I guess software developer counts as IT) I get the subscription for free. It is an awful magazine, I’m afraid and the few times I’ve tried to read it, I’ve found it dreadfully boring. It seems to me it’s a bunch of people trying to show the IT world just how important IT is.

In any event, it’s become routine for me to toss the magazine into the recycle bin without even looking at it. Even the guy who brings my mail to my office at work knows to do this. It is also, I’ve found, difficult to escape from their grasp, once they have you.

However, this morning, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I received this email message:

Dear Jamie Rubin:

This is your final renewal notice.

Your FREE subscription will expire May 29, 2006. Please act now and renew to continue your subscription without interruption.

I can only hope that if I take no action, they will do as they threaten and “interrupt” my subscription. But I have this sneaking suspicion that, like the NEW YORK TIMES (who continued to send me papers for nearly a year after I canceled my subscription), I will not be that lucky.


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