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I managed to find enough time this morning to complete the last of my major errands I had to run:

  • I bought some new running shoes. They are New Balance running shoes, like my old ones, but they don’t smell funny. My old shoes started to smell weird and I think it was something about the shoe and not me because the three other pair of shoes that I have do not smell weird. In any event, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I bought new shoes and got rid of the old ones.
  • I picked up the three remaining gifts I needed for Norm and Vicky. One of the gifts I had already got and it is waiting for me in New York. These other three I could wait on and I picked them up today. Norm and Vicky’s wedding shower is tomorrow and if they are reading this, they still have a little over 24 hours before they find out what all of these things are.

Now I have a meeting to attend and then I’m out of here until Tuesday.

Jeans, cleans, books and screens

I was actually fairly productive for a Sunday, one in which I slept in later than usual because I was up late last night. I did a fair amount of cleaning this morning. I cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, vacuumed the house, and did a ton and a half of laundry.

Then I headed over to Target to buy myself some Levis because I’m not too thrilled with the look, sturdiness and price of the Gap jeans I’ve been buying lately. In fact, at Target, I bought three pairs of jeans for just over the price of one pair of Gap jeans. And I bet the Levis last longer.

Last night I watched the first 5 episodes of Heroes, which, as Norm and Vicky predicted, I very much enjoyed and will continue to watch (more on this tomorrow). Because the TV is out and because I was still craving to watch good television, I decided to start watching episodes of Battlestar Galactica from the beginning. I headed over to TGI Friday’s for lunch and, with new video iPod in hand, started watching the mini-series while I ate my lunch. It was pretty cool (not to mention anti-social!).

I did a little more reading in Lunar Prospector today and I’m through 400 pages. I saw a new book coming out, a biography of Harry Houdini called The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Super Hero. The title fascinated me for multiple reasons, so I ordered the book from Amazon, along with Ray Bradbury’s new book, a sequel to his famous, Dandelion Wine called Farewell Summer.

My neighbor thinks that my DirecTV problem from this morning might not have been wind, but instead a Halloween prank. He said he found the street sign for our street on his lawn this morning. Regardless, the problem should be fixed in time for the new episode of House on Tuesday.

It was definitely darker earlier this evening. It feels much later than it is right now.

New jeans

I finally got to the Gap on a break today and picked up 2 new pair of jeans to replace the 2 that are wearing away. And you know what, they aren’t those nasty faded looking kind. Still they are not Levi’s. (Do they still make Levi jeans?)

Can anyone tell me why Gap jeans are so expensive? With tax it cost about $80 for 2 pair of jeans and while I am no expert, that seems like a lot of money for a few pieces of denim.

Autumn is here

It cooled down to 47 degrees last night, and while I didn’t have the heat in the house on, I did turn on the space-heater in my bedroom to take the chill out of the air. Autumn has definitely arrived (although it is supposed to get back into the 80s in the middle of the week.)

I did some fall shopping this morning. I needed some jeans and socks. I went to Old Navy and picked up socks and a few cheap shirts. But their jeans suck. They have 90 varieties and none of them are plain ordinary blue jeans. They are all faded, or boot-cut, or stone-washed. Whatever happened to regular jeans? I normally get Gap jeans, but they seems to wear out quickly relative to their price. There is a Gap in the mall below my office so maybe I’ll check it out on Monday. If they have normal blue jeans it might be worth it.