Autumn is here

It cooled down to 47 degrees last night, and while I didn’t have the heat in the house on, I did turn on the space-heater in my bedroom to take the chill out of the air. Autumn has definitely arrived (although it is supposed to get back into the 80s in the middle of the week.)

I did some fall shopping this morning. I needed some jeans and socks. I went to Old Navy and picked up socks and a few cheap shirts. But their jeans suck. They have 90 varieties and none of them are plain ordinary blue jeans. They are all faded, or boot-cut, or stone-washed. Whatever happened to regular jeans? I normally get Gap jeans, but they seems to wear out quickly relative to their price. There is a Gap in the mall below my office so maybe I’ll check it out on Monday. If they have normal blue jeans it might be worth it.


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