Clothes shopping

I don’t go clothes shopping very often but I am just back from venturing out into the snow storm in order to do some clothes shopping. What makes this unusual is that I did some clothes shopping only a few months ago, and more than once a year for me is unusual.

The reason I had to do the clothes shopping is that my current clothes (even the relatively new ones) are beginning to fit too tightly. This is the first outward sign I have (other than looking in the mirror) that the workouts are paying off. My jeans are too tight, not so much around the waist but in the leg. They were getting uncomfortable. My shirts are too tight, too. Also, I needed some new gym clothes. So I went to Old Navy, The Gap, and Target, and between them ($249 later), I bought 10 new shirts (large instead of medium), 2 new pair of jeans some new workout attire, and a bunch of extra hangers to hang it all up on in my closet.

This concludes (hopefully) my clothes shopping for the next 12 months or so.


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