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Saturday errands, part 2

I managed to get a few more items checked off my list, after having spent some time sending two mass-emailings to just about everyone I know, telling them that my first story is available.

I headed over to Greenbelt and got a haircut. I also finally got around to getting myself a couple of new swim suits from Old Navy. (I didn’t stop just there. I also got another pair of short, as well as some more shirts, socks, and boxers for the cruise.)

After I got home, I mowed the lawns, front and back. I also did another load of laundry and I have only a few more loads to go now.

I still have some running around to do. I need to get something to eat. I haven’t eaten anything at all today and I’m pretty hungry at the moment. When I get back, I’m going to begin packing my clothes for the trip. I also have some additional cleaning around the house to do which I hope to get done today.

To be continued…


With about an inch of snow on the ground, it finally feels like winter here in DC. Wearing my new clothes helps this feeling along because wearing new clothes always reminds me of going back to school. In high school and college, I usually came back to school from break with a bunch of new clothes. Of course, now, my new clothes are exactly like my old clothes except one size larger.

I had to scrape ice and snow off the car this morning; warming it up wasn’t enough. It is going to get up into the 40s today so I suspect that most of the snow will have melted by the time I get home.

I thought about writing my future-self a letter today that goes something like this:

Dear Future-Self,

This is your past-self writing to tell you that it is cold right now and there is snow on the ground. I am envious of the weather you are having right now, floating about the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. I am sending this letter six months into the future, so when you read it, please take a moment to reflect on the cold winter and think of how lucky you are to be in the warm summer right now.

Enviously your,


(P.S.: Damn, you really look good. The working out really paid off!)

Maybe if I have some time later on today I will write the letter and put it into the time machine. But I’m pretty busy.

Clothes shopping

I don’t go clothes shopping very often but I am just back from venturing out into the snow storm in order to do some clothes shopping. What makes this unusual is that I did some clothes shopping only a few months ago, and more than once a year for me is unusual.

The reason I had to do the clothes shopping is that my current clothes (even the relatively new ones) are beginning to fit too tightly. This is the first outward sign I have (other than looking in the mirror) that the workouts are paying off. My jeans are too tight, not so much around the waist but in the leg. They were getting uncomfortable. My shirts are too tight, too. Also, I needed some new gym clothes. So I went to Old Navy, The Gap, and Target, and between them ($249 later), I bought 10 new shirts (large instead of medium), 2 new pair of jeans some new workout attire, and a bunch of extra hangers to hang it all up on in my closet.

This concludes (hopefully) my clothes shopping for the next 12 months or so.