Saturday errands, part 2

I managed to get a few more items checked off my list, after having spent some time sending two mass-emailings to just about everyone I know, telling them that my first story is available.

I headed over to Greenbelt and got a haircut. I also finally got around to getting myself a couple of new swim suits from Old Navy. (I didn’t stop just there. I also got another pair of short, as well as some more shirts, socks, and boxers for the cruise.)

After I got home, I mowed the lawns, front and back. I also did another load of laundry and I have only a few more loads to go now.

I still have some running around to do. I need to get something to eat. I haven’t eaten anything at all today and I’m pretty hungry at the moment. When I get back, I’m going to begin packing my clothes for the trip. I also have some additional cleaning around the house to do which I hope to get done today.

To be continued…


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