Saturday errands, part 1

I cleaned up the table in the kitchen, which was piled with junk mail and bills and other stuff that was preoccupying me and I figured getting it all cleaned up would be a good place to start. That didn’t take too long. In doing so, I also paid the rest of the bills that are coming up due while I am on vacation.

I ran two loads of laundry first thing this morning. I have another two or three loads to do before Monday, but I can spread that out now.

I headed up to Petco to get some more food for Zeke. When I got back, I got him into his carrier (much to his dismay) and took him over to the vet to be boarded. I gave them instructions for his feeding and also emergency contact information. He also took plenty of his food with him. He will be there until pick him up on the afternoon of July 23. I feel bad about leaving him there so long (the longest I’ve boarded him prior to this was for 15 days back in October/November 2005), but given his health problems a few years back, I thought it would be the safest thing to do.

Oh, and I managed to get the pictures from happy hour uploaded.

It’s a pleasant day temperature-wise, but it’s very muggy out, as it was yesterday so I’ve got the AC on to keep the air dry. I’ve got some yard work to do later today. And a whole bunch of other errands to take care of. More on this later…


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