Morning chores

I’ve already been more productive today than I was all day yesterday. I got the kitchen cleaned up, and all the trash collected. I got my desk cleared off and got my book database updated with recent purchases that were sitting in a pile on my desk. I’ve also got a couple of loads of laundry under way.

I watched part of Comic Relief 2006 on HBO last night. I decided to TiVo the whole thing from the west coast feed because I wanted to go to bed. Before going to bed, however, I did make a donation. The money goes to rebuilding neighborhoods in New Orleans, which is a good cause.

Zeke was playing this morning and got his paw caught under the fridge. It was caught on something and he was scared and when I went to get him free, he hissed at me twice–for the third and fourth time in his life. I got him free pretty quickly and as soon as he was free he calmed down, but he must have been really scared because he really cried and hissed at me.


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