Saturday morning

I was up early this morning because I heard Zeke throwing up in the reading room. I immediately got anxious because of his past medical problems related to vomiting, but this time, things turned out to be okay. He didn’t throw up too much and it didn’t affect his breathing. In fact, he ate later on in the morning and was sitting on my lap a little while ago, purring away. It’s the second time he’s thrown up since I last brought him back from the vet and started giving him his wet food only once a day instead of twice.

I had a big breakfast this morning: two bowls of cereal and milk, toast and OJ. It was cold last night and cool in the house and so I took a hot shower. I normally shower at night and am in and out within a few minutes (I don’t linger), but this morning, I just stood under the steaming hot water for five minutes and it felt really good. I have lots of chores and errands to take care of this weekend, but I haven’t gotten started yet. Instead, I’ve got through the first 50 pages (out of 1,100) of Lunar Prospector, which so far is very interesting from a project management standpoint, let alone the engineering stuff. Maybe I’ll be some chores done later.


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