Diary day

Today marks the beginning of the 14th year I’ve kept a diary (the last 3-1/2 of which has been a large component of this blog).  My first diary entry was back on April 6, 1996, and it was written at the conclusion of my having read I. Asimov for the 3rd time.  I’m now about halfway through the book for what I think is the 16th time.  April 6 also marks the day that Isaac Asimov died, back in 1992.

Warm morning.  I felt sluggish again getting up and then Zeke got sick (but it didn’t seem to bother him, or Simon, who immediately tried to eat what came out of Zeke’s stomach).  I cleaned that up, made my lunch and we headed into a work a little early today so that I could put gas in the car this morning.  I called the local physical medicine doctor and managed to get an appointment today at noon so we’ll see how that goes.

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