ANNOUNCEMENT: “Hindsight, in Neon” now available at Apex Magazine

My new story, “Hindsight, in Neon,” is now available at Apex Magazine . The story is freely available at the magazine website. Turns out that my story got the cover, too. You can see a preview of the cover art here . (Click on the image for a larger preview.) I also urge you to check out the editorial by Michael A. Burstein, as well as his blog entry on the job of guest editing.

My story is a tribute to the great science fiction stories of the past, many of which are now forgotten. In particular, it is a tribute to one of my favorite all-time writers, Barry N. Malzberg. The style of this story is heavily influenced by his writing.

There are several other good stories and poems for you to check out in this issue. If you enjoy the story, consider getting yourself a copy of the magazine in PDF or eBook format. It’s only $2 and of course, you get a much better version of the cover art for the story when you purchase the electronic version.

This is my second published science fiction story. My first story, “When I Kissed the Learned Astronomer ” is still available online in the July 2007 issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show.

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