Isaac Asimov died on April 6, 1992, which was fifteen years ago today. Fifteen years! It seems like an impossibly long time, especially when I am deep into his autobiography (he is only 13 years old at this point) which reads as if he is talking to me.

The anniversary of Isaac Asimov’s death is also the anniversary of my diary, which is 11 years old today. I’ve been keeping a diary now for just about one-third of my life, and at this time next year, it will be exactly one-third of my life. Of course, for the last 16 months, my diary has been entirely online, this blog, and what you see is what you get. My paper diaries were not much different, if only somewhat more boring than what appears online.

Of course, it being an anniversary day has got me thinking about various milestones and events and I would expect to see some posts relating to these things throughout the day. For instance, it occurred to me as I waited for the train this morning (while it was snowing!) that a few days ago, April 3, was the 7th anniversary of the day on which I got my pilot’s license. So proud was I of that feat that I have carried that license with me every day since, even though the last time I flew an airplane was back in 2001. Today will be the last day. It’s falling apart and I’ve decided that, pride not withstanding, there is no practical reason for me to carry it around anymore.


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