None So Blind

I was up at 8 AM this morning (after going to bed close to 1 AM last night), headed out for breakfast and started reading Joe Haldeman’s collection of short stories, None So Blind. I’ve spent a good portion of the morning reading it, in between various chores, and I’m about 70 pages through the book. I especially enjoyed the story “Passage” so far and was very pleased, since I wasn’t expected to enjoy that one so much.

Took care of a bunch of email stuff this morning. I’ve got a ton of laundry to do in preparation for the trip to L.A. tomorrow, not to mention some chores around the house. I finally shaved off the gotee and light stubble I had accumulated over the last week or so, getting sick of it, as usual, just as it was beginning to become something substantial. I guess I just like clean-shaven better.

It’s overcast right now, but up in the 70s, and I plan on sitting outside for a while in order to get some more reading done today.


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