Sunday morning

I meant to be up at 7:30 but I didn’t get up until 8:30, thanks to a case of insomnia last night that kept me from falling asleep until sometime after 3 AM. Nevertheless, I got up and started right in on some chores, vacuuming, sweeping, running some laundry, cleaning the bathroom, usual stuff for a Sunday morning.

I started The Best Time-Travel Stories of All-Time edited by Barry N. Malzberg this morning. I’ll read that until my Amazon books arrive.

Part of what kept me up last night is that I think I finally worked out what has been preventing me from writing a story that I’ve been wanting to write for more than a year now. I’ve made at least a dozen false starts on the story, but last night, it occurred to me to turn the time-line of the story on it’s head and I think now it will work much better that way. It was Damon Knight’s book, Creating Short Fiction, that helped untangle this knot. I finished the book yesterday and it was great; I’d recommend it to any one who wants to write. He really helps you to see the structure of a story and when you can see the structure, you can see what’s wrong with it.

I’ve got an Orioles game early this afternoon. They’re playing the Twins.


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