Sunday morning

I killed time last night by watching some episodes from the first season of The West Wing. In my mind, it still stands as some of the best writing ever to appear on television.

I was up around 8 AM today. Still not feeling 100% so I called AJ and Denisse and canceled lunch plans with them. I’d hate to get them sick. We’re going to reschedule for another time.

I did some laundry and ran out to get a haircut. It seems like I got it cut 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I felt desperately in need of another one. There was a fairly long wait but I kept myself busy reading. Yes, I finally decided on a book. I chose David Brin’s Starttide Rising, which was a winner of both the Hugo and Nebula awards back in the 1980s. I read Brin’s Foundation’s Triumph in the late 1990s and thoroughly enjoyed it. But the only other Brin book I’ve read was Sundiver, back in 1996.

Haven’t done any writing yet today, but I hope to get through another 2,000 words or so before going to bed tonight.


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