Sick day

I was sick on Friday and forced myself to stick it out at work because my boss was in town and I had two meetings that I absolutely had to attend. I felt pretty lousy for much of the weekend, and although I felt somewhat better this morning, I think one more day would help to get over this thing as quickly as possible. So I took a sick day, but I’ve still been up since 5:30 AM trying to get various little things done here and there.

I’m about 4,000 words behind the curve on NaNoWriMo and I’m going to use some of the day today to make that up, get back on track, or even a little bit ahead of the curve if I can. 4,000 words is something that is reasonably do-able within a day. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m about 40 or so pages into Startide Rising. It’s holding my interest so far, but I’m not blown away by it yet. Still, I’m giving it a chance, particularly since stubiebrother recommended it after the fact.

I did a short video chat with he11o_sunshine this morning. She hadn’t yet gone to work and I was still in bed.


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