I Did (Almost) Nothing Today

I took a sick day today. I should have taken a sick day yesterday, but there were pressing project issues I had to deal with. After another miserable night tossing and turning and generally not feeling well, I did take a sick day today.

And did nothing.

Well, not quite nothing. I did write my Going Paperless post. And just now, I did a little fiction-writing. But besides those two things, I really did nothing. I didn’t read. I spent most of the day in my bed. I flipped through some channels on the TV, something extremely rare for me. I napped. But otherwise, I did nothing.

And I feel somewhat better, mentally, anyway. The cold still lingers. But it was nice to do nothing. I realize that I am almost doing something, even when it seems like I am doing nothing. I might be reading, or jotting notes for a story, or reading RSS feeds or checking Twitter. But today I mostly did nothing. And I highly recommend it. It felt good.

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