Finished Reading Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series*

Last night, shortly before midnight, I finished reading book 7 of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, The Dark Tower. My mind was kind of blown away by the ending. I can see why Stephen King considered this his magnum opus, and while I enjoyed it, I don’t think it was his best work. I still think It is my favorite King novel, and there are probably half a dozen others he’s written that I like better than the Dark Tower books. But I did enjoy the books, and I was even surprised how much I grew to like the characters. My favorite book by far in the series was Wizard and Glass.

I’ll have a lot more to say about the series after I have allowed a little time to pass for the full implications of the last book to sink in. In the meantime, I just wanted to mention that I had done it! I have finally read the Dark Tower series.

*This does not include The Wind Through the Keyhole, which I have not yet read, but which, I understand is also somewhat independent of the main series.


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