(Mostly) wasted time

I did almost nothing today. No chores, no errands. The kitchen table is a mess. My desk could be cleaned up. I’ve got a long list of things to do and a good step toward getting them done would be to just get them out on paper. Instead, I did very little. I spent most of the day watching DVDs. I did a little reading, too. I read the first few pages of both Neuromancer and Humans, and Humans won as the the one which hooked me faster. So at least I know what I’m reading next.

I probably got through 10 episodes of NYPD Blue. Meanwhile, I ignored the laundry and the dishes in the sink. I napped for a couple of hours on the couch early this afternoon. Not my normal nap, but a deep sleep kind of nap, the kind of sleep I don’t normally do laying on the couch. It’s just one of those incredibly lazy weekend days where my motivation is shot.


I did manage to do a few things. I got an email from Rich, first I’ve heard from him since he, Tricia and the family moved back to L.A. and so I wrote him back. I got a nice card from Bonnie and Tom, and I wrote them back as well. And, thanks to mabfan‘s prodding, I sat down and did some writing. I wrote 650 words of “If By Reason Of Strength…” It’s not great, but it’s better than nothing. The problem with the story is two-fold. I have a great idea, a fantastic one, but I’m not sure I can handle it. Second, and perhaps more important, I don’t know my ending. I’ve always followed Isaac Asimov’s rule of coming up with a problem and a solution, and then making everything else up as I go along. This time, however, I have a great idea, but no real problem or solution yet. Well, I do have a problem, but I’m not sure how compelling is. And I honestly don’t know the solution. Until I get those things figure out, I’m afraid the story will wander. Even so, I did get a few pages written and I feel pretty good about that in light of this otherwise lazy day.


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