Lazy Sunday

The weather today reminds me of winter in L.A.: overcast, rainy, cool, but to cold. It’s the perfect weather for a lazy day. Kelly and I made waffles for breakfast. Then around 11 AM, I headed home while she went shopping with a friend.

I made myself some lunch, started some laundry, and then settled down in the office to read more of Joe Haldeman’s serialized novel, Marsbound. I read for a while, and then napped in my chair. Then more reading and then more napping.

Late in the afternoon, Kelly and I did a video chat, and then, after some more laundry, I headed to the grocery store to stock up on lunch supplies for the week. I made myself some Macaroni and Cheese for dinner and then settled down to write for a little while.

I called Dan and Megan today and spoke to Dan for a while. He and Megan will be out here in the DC area in April for a conference and so I’ll get to see them then.

All the while, the skies were overcast, gray, and rainy. Much of the same is expected for tomorrow, I think.


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