Lazy Easter Sunday

Today was a lazy day and it was great. We slept in until around 9 AM, then headed to a relatively empty grocery store to do some grocery shopping. Came back home, at breakfast and then lazed around for hours while doing laundry and watching TV.

About mid-afternoon, we headed out to get some air, up to Greenbelt lake. The weather was a little cool, but bright and sunny and the lake was crowded with lots of Easter picnics. We walked twice around the lake, getting our exercise for the day, before coming back home.

For dinner, I made ravioli (large ones this time) and spaghetti sauce, to which I added, while the sauce was still heating up, some hot pepper that gave it a nice kick. And for dessert we had apple pie, which we got at the store. Then more TV watching and lazing around until all of the laundry was done. Kelly headed home around 7 PM. I won’t see her until Thursday (I’m going there on Thursday this week instead of Wednesday because my birthday is Thursday and we’re going out for a birthday dinner.)

I’m packing my lunch and then heading off to bed. I’m 65 pages into Factoring Humanity and I plan on getting another hour or so of reading in before lights-out. Tomorrow evening I hope to finish up the revisions on “The Golden Watch”.

Called he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother today but got voicemail. Maybe I’ll talk to them later in the week.


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