We were up fairly early this morning, but lazed around for a little while before really getting started with our day. It was much warmer today and the temperatures are actually going up into the mid-60s tomorrow and Tuesday!

We headed up to Buddy Attic park early in the afternoon and walked twice around the lake, hand-in-hand, talking the whole way. We stopped at a small playground and tried out just about all of the different things that they had their. That includes Kelly scaling a rock-climbing wall with great aplomb.

The walking worked up our appetites. Afterward, we headed to Chevy’s for a late lunch/early dinner. By the time we got back to the house, it was time for Kelly to head home.

I did a little bit of cleaning this afternoon, changed some light bulbs, ran some laundry, but otherwise, it has been a fairly lazy Sunday.

Back to work tomorrow!


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