After 8 days, still no TV

I just finished about 2,000 words of a story that I’m working on, entered that work into my log, and then compared the last several weeks. First let, me explain that I keep a log of my writing, both in hour and in words. I do this for several reasons which make sense to me, but generally, it is because I am trying to treat my writing more and more like another job that I do regularly. I keep track of hours on projects at my “day” job, so why not my avocation as well?

Anyway, it has been just over a week since I gave up TV. In the 8 days or so since making that proclamation, I don’t think I watched a single bit of live television. When Kelly was over Friday evening, we did watch a few episodes of The Office still on my Tivo. And we also started to watch one or two movies on DVD. But that was it. Did the time freed up by giving up TV have an impact on my writing?

From Sunday, December 3 through today, Saturday, December 9, I spent a total of 5.6 hours writing, producing a hair under 5,000 words. The week prior that, I spent 3.2 hours at the keyboard, doing 3,200 words. So my writing has, in fact, increased since giving up television, though not by huge amounts. However, giving up TV has also freed up some time for me to do some additional reading as well, and I have been trying to take advantage of that.

The writers’ strike has no end in sight. There’s signs that if the strike continues much longer, it will begin to effect production for next season’s pilots. I think I picked the right time to give up on TV.


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