Fiction-writing progress, 2012, week 8

This was not a good week for fiction-writing in that I didn’t come close to the 3,500 words or 500 words/day that I have been aiming for since the start of the year. Nor did I complete any of those things that I set out to complete last week. It has been a busy week and the day job and family life sometimes crams out the writing and I am slowly coming to accept that and not stress about it as much as I used to.

That said, I did manage to write a draft of a new story, a flash piece that I wrote in one sitting and that came in at about 1,000 words. I was even lucky enough to get some very helpful eyes on an early draft of the story and have since reworked it somewhat in an effort to incorporate those early reader’s very useful feedback. It is the 6th story I started this year. I finished the week at just over 24,000 words of new, first draft fiction on the year. A pace of 500 words/day should put me at around 28,000 so I am behind, but I am trying not to stress too much about it. I still have plenty of stories to work on and lots of time left in the year.

It would be nice to complete the third draft of my first story of the year, trimming it down a bit in the process if I can. And the first draft of my epic fantasy novelette is nearly complete. I mean just a scene or two from being finished. But getting the third draft of that first story done is a priority for me and I will hopefully be able to find the time to make real progress on that this week.

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  1. I’ve had a rough start for wordage this year too. Lots more editing than new words. But I do have a lot of projects coming out to edit and am trying to get myself back into a good disciplined routine after a year of absolute madness! Hang in there!


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