Some more Golden Age reference books

I arrived home from work today to find two wonderful books sent to me by frequent and insightful Vacation in the Golden Age commenter Mark McSherry. He’d sent along a copy of Fantasy Commentator with all kinds of good stuff about Campbell-era Astounding:


In addition, he sent along a copy of James Gifford’s Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader’s Companion. The Heinlein book in particular comes in particularly handy as I have just finished he first part of MacDonald/Heinlein’s Beyond This Horizon– for Episode 34 of my Vacation in the Golden Age. Both books should prove to be valuable reference guides throughout the remainder of my Vacation.


So a big THANK YOU goes out to Mark. It is really amazingly cool that there are others out there who take the time to comment on and otherwise participate in this little project of mine. It makes it a lot more fun than going through it all by myself.



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