Weekly writing progress report for 2010, week #3

Here’s the status of the progress I’ve made toward my writing goals for 2010 for week #3:

  Week YTD
Total words written 4,202 9,053
# stories completed 1 1
# stories submitted 2 2
# stories sold 0 0
Summary: Well, the best week so far, out of the first three weeks of the year.  I completed my first story of the year.  After struggling with the story, mostly in how to tell it, I opted to try for a short approach rather than the longer approach that I was heading for.  The final draft was about 950 words and I sent the story off to Flash Fiction Online.  It wasn’t the first piece of flash fiction I’d ever written, but it was certainly the first conscious piece.  This week I’m getting started on the next story, of which I’m hoping to have a completed draft by February 4.  This is a story I’ve been wanted to write for a long time, but which I haven’t been sure how to do it right.  I think I’ve got that figured out now and I’ve been plotting it out in my head.  I should get the first words down this evening.


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