Weekly writing progress report for 2010, week #2

Here’s the status of the progress I’ve made toward my writing goals for 2010 for week #1:

  Week YTD
Total words written 1,652 4,851
# stories completed 0 0
# stories submitted 0 0
# stories sold 0 0

Summary: Ugh.  Another terrible week for writing.  Part of it has been distraction.  But for the story I’m working on, I suddenly feel as if I’ve forgotten how to tell a story.  I have two completely different approaches to the story and have been bouncing back and forth between both of them.  I can’t seem to settle on one or the other.  On Thursday or Friday, I finally sat down and reviewed my notes from the James Gunn workshop I did a few summers ago.  I think I’ve finally opted on the approach.  Now I just have to get back into the discipline I had back in November and get back to writing every day.  (This week I managed to write only one day!)


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