Florida, Day 2

Our only "full" day at Treasure Island.  It was gorgeous weather today.  We were up early, and around 9 AM, we headed out for what turned out to be a 3.5 mile walk on the beach.  We lazed around in the morning, and then headed to a local boardwalk at lunch time.  We at ate a local restaurant (the name of which I can’t recall at the moment).  After, we walked around the boardwalk, walking in and out of shops, taking our time.  It was fun.

Back to the condo.  Kelly napped for a while, and I read.  I read about 50 pages of A Man on the Moon.  I then turned to The Hard SF Renaissance.  I may have even napped a little.  It was very comfortable.

We headed back out to Caddy’s for dinner again.  Kelly watched a bunch of Christmas shows while I managed to get through nearly 100 pages of The Hard SF Renaissance.  ("Into the Miranda Rift" by G. David Nordley was another great story–one that I actually remember from when it first appeared, but which was a pleasure to read again.)


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