Good day back at work

The holidays are over and it was back to work today.  Kelly and I overslept slightly (10 or 15 minutes) but we heading into work and got started with the day.  I set out 4 goals for myself to get done at work today.  I got three of the four things done.  The last one got a little more complicated as I went along, but I hope to get it wrapped up tomorrow.  I napped for half an hour at lunch and really fell into a deep sleep.  Kelly met me after work at 5 PM and we headed home together, as usual.

Got the latest issue of NEW SCIENTIST in the mail today, but no other postal excitement.  I’m through 722 pages of The Hard SF Renaissance, having just finished Ted Chiang’s "Understanding" earlier this evening, which I really enjoyed.  Going to squeeze in some more reading after I hit the shower and before heading off to bed. 


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