And the winner is…

My company had the holiday party this evening and Kelly and I arrived there at 5 PM.  I received numerous comments on my clothes.  Kelly made sure that I was sharply dressed.  It was a fun evening, good food and drinks, and good company too.  At around 7 PM they started the raffle (each person attending had a ticket).  They worked their way from the smallest prize up to the grand prize.  About halfway through, they called my number and I walked up to the front of room and accepted a $25 gift card to Champps.  (When I got back to the table, I joked with Kelly that if our other number was called, she’d have to go up to accept the award.)

Our other number was called for the grand prize.

And so, Kelly walked up front and accepted our prize, which was 2 free meals at Chevy’s and 1 weekend night’s stay at the Residence Inn in Arlington.  How cool is that!

We were home at 8 PM.

Today was payday, which is always nice.  Not much reading today.  I’m 70 pages through The Hard SF Renaissance, and about 55 pages through A Man on the Moon.  The latest issue of NEW SCIENTIST arrived yesterday and I’m working my way through that as well.

We have some last minute holiday shopping and errands to do tomorrow morning (early, to avoid the crowds), and then we’re having brunch with AJ and Denisse.


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