Shopping day

We were up at 8 AM and on our way to Tyson’s Corner by about 9 AM.  We wanted to get to the mall before things got crowded.  Indeed, when we got there, things were not bad at all.  We had to stop in a few stores to do some holiday shopping (I can’t reveal those stores lest, we give away what we were shopping for).  We then wandered into Ann Taylor Loft (I say "wandered", but I suspect that Kelly somehow directed us in there, and just made it seem natural).  They were having a big sale on maternity clothes.  We found out that they were no longer going to carry maternity clothes in the story, only online.  Kelly managed to find several pairs of pants that she got at a steal.  I saw some cute pajamas that I thought she’d like too, and we picked up those as well.  The discount that we got on the maternity pants paid for all but $3.50 of the pajamas.  We felt good.  vickyandnorm  would be proud.

By the time we left Tyson’s it was crowded and the parking lot seemed full–and we were only there 1-1/2 hours!  We stopped home briefly and then headed up to the Pentagon City Mall to meet AJ and Denisse for brunch.  We had brunch with them at Harry’s Tap Room, and then proceeded to wander around the mall and do more shopping.  AJ needed to go to GNC to get some flack seed (not flack seed oil, but flack seed.  I don’t even know what that stuff is).  We then headed to Victoria’s Secret, followed by Baby Gap.  On the way to Baby Gap, AJ was waylaid by people doing "free" massages.  AJ took them up on his offer.  His "free" massage cost him only $22 for 22 minutes.  Next, we headed across the street to Costco, where Kelly and I picked up a Humidifier.  After Costco, we said goodbye to AJ and Denisse and headed home.  I set up the humidifier for Kelly and then went upstairs to read.  I ended up falling asleep for 90 minutes and waking up all out of sorts.

Kelly was in bed early and I stayed up reading more of The Hard SF Renaissance, finally calling it quits just before 10 PM.


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