Saturday shopping

Yesterday morning, Kelly and I headed over to Tyson’s Corner at 10 AM in order to shop. Kelly wanted to get a dress for the upcoming Rainbow Room birthday dinner. After getting to Tyson’s, parking, and briefly wandering through Banana Republic, we made our way to the dress section of Lord & Taylor’s. Less than 30 minutes after arriving at Tyson’s, Kelly found the perfect dress. A black “Laundry” dress that looks just amazing! Since she found the dress so fast, it gave us plenty more time for us to shop, and I decided to document some of our shopping. The following is a short series of photos of me shopping with Kelly:

Me shopping at Lord & Taylor’s

Me shopping in the “intimates” section at Macy’s

Me shopping at Brook’s Brothers

We were at Tyson’s for 3+ hours, had lunch there, and actually did a pretty good job before it got crowded. Shortly after lunch, Kelly felt shopped out. We headed back to her place, collected her laundry and prepared to head back to my house. I called Doug and spoke to Carson, wishing him a Happy Birthday (2 years old!). I also spoke to vickyandnorm, finalizing arrangements for our trip to Disney World later this week. And I called FedEx to have them hold the Oriole’s tickets for me. I’ll go pick them up on Wednesday.

Back at my house, Kelly started laundry. We waited out a passing storm and then headed over to Target to do a little more shopping.

In the evening, we watched a movie I’d never seen before. You can read all about that in the next post.


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