Lazy Sunday

First of all, I slept in pretty late. Granted, we didn’t get back from poker until after 1 AM. But I still managed to sleep in until nearly 10 AM. Kelly had gone to the gym and returned by the time I got up this morning.

I headed home around 11 AM and went straight to the grocery store to do shopping for the week. When I got home, I ate my lunch, and watched he second half of Firefox on AMC. I hadn’t seen that movie since they used to play it on HBO back in the early 1980s (I remember seeing that movie in the theater in West Warwick, Rhode Island when I was a kid.) Then I sat down to read.

I read until about 3 PM and then couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I napped until about 5 PM and then read some more. I’ve been reading on and off since then. I packed my lunch for tomorrow, cleaned up the house a bit, and did some laundry.

Tomorrow evening, Kelly and I are going to dinner with her friend Sarah and some others. It’s “restaurant week” in D.C. and we’re going to to some place in Dupont Circle after work. Should be a lot of fun.

I’m about 285 pages through Our Oriental Heritage and I’m eating it up. I think that in some alternate universe, I was made to be a historian. Of course, it may simply be Will Durant’s writing style, which, as far as history writing goes, is the best I’ve ever come across. Why don’t they teach The Story of Civilization in high school? Certainly the reading level is not too difficult. It makes for fascinating reading, far, far better than any historical reading I recall doing when I was in high school.


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