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To donate or not to donate?

I get about one email a day from the Democratic party, asking for a donation. They all say things like, “Your donation could be the difference between victory and defeat”, blah, blah, blah. Often they come from John Kerry, who is about as exciting as Johnny Cash’s version of “Ring Of Fire” (what I always imagined a singing zombie would sound like); occasionally, they come from other Big Wigs in the Democratic party. Some, like Howard Dean, I’ve heard of. Most I haven’t. All requests have, without exception, gone into the trash.

Until now.

The other day I received another request, but this time it came from Barack Obama. If the Democratic party has a savior on the horizon, he is it. I’ve been impressed by his speeches, his youth, his policies. He appears to have life and voice and what has otherwise been a crowd of lifeless windbags. Also, when we played his softball team two summers ago, he showed up to the game to cheer on the Ohio Illinois team. (We beat Ohio Illinois, but I was impressed because of all of the Senate teams we play, he was the only Senator to show up to a game.)

And so, because Barack Obama asked (or atleast allowed his name to be on the message) and because I currently believe he is the one real shining light in the Democratic party, I am considering making a contribution.

To be continued…

Odds and ends

Just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff before I head off to the gym:

I had it in my head this morning that today was the last day of summer and that tomorrow was the autumnal equinox (I think I’ve got the right terms this time, mabfan). But when I checked, I found out that the autumnal equinox actually begins on September 23 this year. In fact, I don’t think it ever falls on the 21st. (It occasionally “falls” on the 22nd.) I don’t know what I was thinking. But hey! Two more days of summer!

I went to bed early last night, right after House was over. I checked the Yankee’s score and then went to bed. While I was asleep, AJ apparently called something like 4 times. He left two messages. The first was rather funny becuase it was completely incoherent. It sounded like laughter. I thought I heard Denisse in the background. Who knows what was going on. The second time he managed to leave a more coherent message.

I’m just about halfway through The Demon-Haunted World and I am really enjoying it. I remember very little of it from the first time I read it ten years ago, which is a bit disturbing. With a book that good, I should have remembered more. Much of the book thus far has been spent on a detailed analysis of reports of alien abductions, which Sagan then proceeds to debunk in a calm and rational manner. It’s a fascinating subject, actually, but I’ll save for another time my thoughts on the matter.

I got email from the Democratic party today asking for a donation. This isn’t unusual since I am a Democrat and I’ve donated money in the past. I’ve mentioned before, however, how these campaigns use fear more and more as a tactic to obtain votes, and whether Democrat, Republican, or Whig, I dispise these tactics. This time, it wasn’t the fear part that annoyed me. This time, they were asking for money specifically for television ad campaigns. “It is their single biggest expense,” the message read. That filled me with confidence. I’d donate money for them to have the courage to withhold their lame ads from TV. But I can’t see giving them money for ads that I hate to watch anyway, even if they are my party.

Finally, congratulations go out to Lisa on her recent office upgrade, and accompanying promotion to go along with it.