To donate or not to donate?

I get about one email a day from the Democratic party, asking for a donation. They all say things like, “Your donation could be the difference between victory and defeat”, blah, blah, blah. Often they come from John Kerry, who is about as exciting as Johnny Cash’s version of “Ring Of Fire” (what I always imagined a singing zombie would sound like); occasionally, they come from other Big Wigs in the Democratic party. Some, like Howard Dean, I’ve heard of. Most I haven’t. All requests have, without exception, gone into the trash.

Until now.

The other day I received another request, but this time it came from Barack Obama. If the Democratic party has a savior on the horizon, he is it. I’ve been impressed by his speeches, his youth, his policies. He appears to have life and voice and what has otherwise been a crowd of lifeless windbags. Also, when we played his softball team two summers ago, he showed up to the game to cheer on the Ohio Illinois team. (We beat Ohio Illinois, but I was impressed because of all of the Senate teams we play, he was the only Senator to show up to a game.)

And so, because Barack Obama asked (or atleast allowed his name to be on the message) and because I currently believe he is the one real shining light in the Democratic party, I am considering making a contribution.

To be continued…


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