Obama’s “elitism”

Am I the only one fed up by with the media’s handling of Obama’s “elitist” comments?

Maureen Dowd’s annoying editorial in today’s New York Times is just another example of this. The media is complaining that Obama’s comments were elitist. But “elitist” seems to me to be a media buzzword for “educated”, as if being educated and intelligent was a bad thing. I find it ironic that the media is doing this. These are the very people who dumb down our news broadcasts, our newspapers, and our magazines. Furthermore, they take his quote out of context, providing the sound-bite and leaving out the important part leading up to the quote.

It is terribly depressing to me that we live in a culture of mediocrity. The bare minimum always seems to be good enough. The path of least resistance has become as American as apple pie. I think our founding fathers would be outraged and stricken by this opprobrious behavior we’ve fallen into. Anyone who stands out in a crowd of mediocrity and blah is liable to be called “elitist”.

When F.D.R.was President, it was called leadership.

If the trend continues, we won’t have to worry about global warming, dwindling fuel reserves, or anything else. Long before any of that is a problem, we’ll have reverted back into a bunch of drooling idiots. And anyone who stands out in that crowd is liable to be called “hope”.

Funny how that works.


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