A full-night’s sleep

Lights out at 8:06 PM last night. It wasn’t even complete dark out, but that didn’t bother me and I fell asleep rather quickly. Usually, I wake up once or twice in “the middle of the night”, you know, 3 AM or so. But for someone who gets up at 4:20 AM, “the middle of the night” is not what it seems. Last night, I recall waking up around 11:40 PM or so–having been asleep for 3-1/2 hours–and being infinitely pleased by the fact that I had close to 5 more hours of sleep ahead of me, instead of the usual hour or so.

It was cold this morning, 35 when I got up, with a light frost on the windshield. But that might be the last of it. The temps go up to the mid-60s today, low 70s tomorrow, and about 80 on Friday. Looking ahead, I don’t see any temperatures even remotely close to the low we had last night.


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