Miscellaneous Tuesday items

As I pulled into my driveway after work today, my car it the 115,000 mile mark. October will be 12 years since I’ve had the car, and therefore, in 11-1/2 years I have driven, on average, 10,000 miles per year. However, since moving to the Metro D.C. area nearly 6 years ago, I’ve driven an average of about 5,000 miles per year.

No mail of interest today.

It’s tax day, but I paid my taxes yesterday.

Today was a long day. I woke up tired, for some reason. In fact, I woke up to my alarm, which is pretty rare. But I climbed out of bed at 4:20 AM, as usual, promising myself that I’d be in bed early tonight and get a decent night’s sleep. And so I shall. I’m heading off to bed as soon as I finish up this blog entry, although it will only be 7:20 PM, and still light out. I plan on reading for a while (I’m now 500 pages through In Memory Yet Green and, of course, loving every minute of it) but lights out by 8:20 or so. And tomorrow, I get to see Kelly.

At some point, I have to get back to the gym. I feel as though I’ve undone all of the good work I did last year, and that I have quite a hill to climb to get back into that shape. But I also feel distinctly older this year, and those hills are getting harder and harder to climb.


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