Inauguration day

The DC office was closed today so I worked from home.  Good progress in the morning, one phone meeting, and then I took some time to watch the inauguration on TV.  It’s all been said already, but let me just give a few of my own impressions:

  • Kind of funny how our Chief Justice doesn’t know the Oath of Office.  It seems to me I had to learn that in sixth grade.
  • Great speech by Obama.  A lot of metaphors and imagery, but what most impressed and excited me was "We will restore science to its rightful place".  Kind of sums up some of what went wrong with the last eight years.
  • How about the crowds on the National Mall, and how well-behaved everyone was?
  • How about how youthful, funny and energetic Obama seemed throughout the day; he seemed to be having a great time.
  • It seemed that almost everyone was enthusiastic about President Obama; sure, there were a few exceptions, professional blatherers like Rush Limbaugh.  But for the most part, it seems like everyone in the world is a fan.

There couldn’t be a greater contrast between the incoming Obama and outgoing Bush.  It really does feel as though we’ve been in some kind of coma for the last eight years, and we are now waking up and the veil has been lifted.  The darkness is receding and the sunlight is overtaking the land.

Congratulations, Mr. President.


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