Back to work today

I had to work today and I was back in the office despite the fact that nearly all of America gets Martin Luther King, Jr. day off.  Today was one of those focused, "programmer mode" days.  I was working on data imports and worked steadily for eight hours, finally hitting a good stopping point just before the end of the day.

I’ve never seen the Pentagon City mall more crowded than when I left the office today.  They are bussing people into town and they’ve confused the National Mall for the Pentagon City mall or vice versa.  People were camped out and it was thick with people.  Glad I’ve been bringing my lunch because who knows how long those food lines are getting.

Stopped at the grocery store on the way home to make sure we had everything we needed for tomorrow, since we don’t want to leave the house.  I got in a little reading this evening, then watched an episode of Rescue Me.  I plan to get more reading in before heading off to bed. 


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