Still no word on “If By Reason of Strength…”

Tomorrow will be 50 days since sending the story to ANALOG.  Aside from it being a nice round number, it’s more than 20 days longer than any submission I have ever sent there (the longest previous submission I got back in 29 day; that was back in 2003; the most recent submission I got back in 28 days and that was in 2007).  I can think of three possibilities:

1. The story has made it past the slush pile and is being considered.
2. The holidays created a backlog and it’s simply taking longer than usual.
3. The story was lost in the mail.

The optimist in me is hoping for #1, of course.  I think it’s a good story.  Regardless, no news is good news when it comes to these kinds of things.  I remain hopeful. 


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