Tourtist day

I got to bed really late last night, and then had to be up at 5:30 this morning in order to pick up Mom from the airport. So up I was and headed to BWI. Mom’s flight was right on time. We picked up her luggage and headed back down here. She managed to get some sleep on the plane.

We had breakfast at IHOP and then headed back home so that I could watch the space shuttle launch on NASA TV. I was anxious, as usual as the countdown approached liftoff, and I watched carefully as the shuttle cleared the tower, rolled over and accelerated on it’s way into space. Fortunately, it was a smooth launch! We’re back in business!

At about 11:30 AM, we headed downtown. First, we stopped at Pentagon City so that I could show Mom where I worked. We went up to my office and I proudly demontrated my view of the inside of the Pentagon City Mall from my windows. Then, we headed to the National Mall, where there was some kind of big, carnival-like event going on. We walked from L’Enfant Plaza, along the mall to 14th street, then cut over to 15th and walked up to Pennsylvannia Avenue. We walked along Pennsylvannia avenue, passing behind the White House, and a protest of Bush (where some of the protesters were being arrested) and continued along, into Washington Circle and finally into Georgetown. Down at the Georgetown waterfornt, we stopped at Nick’s Riverside Grill for a late lunch.

We got back home around 5 PM and I flipped on the Yankees game and watched the Yanks beat the Orioles 3-2, while Mom napped. We ended up having late dinner at the Outback Steakhouse.

I’m pretty tired at this point, however and so I’m off to bed! It was a nice day, a lot of walking, but fun.


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