New submissions, new music

I packaged up “Graveyard Shift” (all 103 pages) to send off to ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION, and also packaged up my short short story “Blind Date” (all 8 pages) to send off to FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION. This marks the first time I’ve sent “Blind Date” out since I completed the story back in February. I’ll get them to the post office sometime tomorrow morning.

I’ve been craving some punk lately, and after talking to Dan tonight and listening to his recommendations, I finally opted on starting with Bad Religions All Ages album, which I am downloading from the Apple Music Store as I write this. I sampled several of the tracks on the album and I liked the energy of the album. I’ll probably pick up some more Clash eventually, perhaps some Social Distortion, and even some Misfits, but for now, I think the Bad Religion album will serve it’s purpose well.

Thanks for the recommendations, Dan! See you in October!


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