Fiction submissions

On a few occasions recently when I tell people that I write, they’ve asked, “Have you ever tried submitting anything?” I explain that I have, but have not yet had any fiction published. On a few occassions, I’ve gotten the sense that people are surprised that I’ve even tried submitting stories.

Well, the fact is that I’ve been trying since January 1993.

Since January 13, 1993, I have information in my records of 59 submissions. I am completely missing my records (lost in various moves and file transfers, I imagine) for 1994-1995, and 1998-2000. Given my averages, however, I’d say that those years total about 25 additional submissions. That brings the grand total to about 84 submissions in the last 13 years. That sounds like a lot, but really it isn’t.

I am trying to do better this year by actually writing more stories so that I have more to submit. But this is easier said then done. I have completed a first draft of a new story, which is currently title, “Blind Date”. I am in the middle of two additional stories, “The Graveyard Shift” (working title), and “If By Reason Of Strength…” The former is one of the longer stories I’ve ever written and is taking more time. The latter is a great story in my head but is tough to get out on paper.

I am toying with the idea of joining a writers group this year. I’m also toying with the idea of applying to Clarion. I can’t do it this year, certainly because it’s a 6 week workshop. But if I saved up vacation time, I might be able to do it next year or the year after. It will depend on how much I can continue to write (and how much I can continue to improve).

In any event, now you know about how many submissions I’ve made to various magazines over the last 13 years.


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