Obama’s speech

I got back from the gym just in time to catch Barack Obama’s speech accepting the nomination for President of the United States. I thought it was a terrific speech. Of course, he hit all of the Democratic high points, which is to be expected. But he can really speak. As the speech progressed it grew in energy and intensity and I found myself turning to Kelly again and again saying, “There’s no way McCain can come close to matching this.” Of course, speeches like these are preaching to the choir, but I must admit, when the speech was finally over, I felt certain that McCain didn’t have a chance in the election, and that the only thing that would prevent him from being roundly trounced by Obama in November would be a brain-dead electorate.

I didn’t keep track of all of the good lines I heard, but I particularly liked Obama’s echo of McCain’s recent tagline, when he said, “Senator McCain, we all put our country first.” I found his “Eight is enough” reference amusing (being just old enough to remember the TV show starring Dick Van Patten).


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