No one’s here!

When I commuted by train, I would get to work early, head into my office, and stay there most of the day. At the very least, I rarely wandered off the floor. Washington (Arlington) is our second largest office (the headquarters being in Santa Monica) and we’ve got over 300 people in this office.

Now that I live 5 minutes away, and drive in, I’ve discovered that I’m much more attuned to how many people are here. Typically, when I arrive, there are a bunch of cars in the company section of the parking structure. This morning, when I arrived (a few minutes late) there were almost no cars. No one is here!

For one thing, it’s gloomy out this morning, raining, dark skies. For another, it’s the day before Labor Day weekend, and I guess people are trying to make it into an extra-long weekend. (As it turns out, today is Kelly’s flex-day so she’s got a 4-day weekend.) I’ve seen about 3 other people around and that’s it.

I have a lot to do, but it looks as though it’s going to be a slow day for everyone else.


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