Monday wrapup

I was up just after 4 AM. I had to take Dad to the airport this morning and he wanted to leave at 4:45 AM, so I had to be up a little before that. The roads were empty and I got him to Dulles airport (37 miles away) in about 40 minutes. In fact, I made it back almost in time to make my normal train into work. I missed it by only 2 minutes so that I actually arrived in the office at 6:38 instead of 6:30.

Busy, productive day today. I got some software installed on a new server this morning. I worked from home in the afternoon, so that I could check on Zeke and also give him some of his pain medicine. He seems to be doing fine, so far. Purring, playful, eating, using his litter box. I’m the anxious one! I spent the afternoon working on project requirements documentation, and I hope to have most of it finished up tomorrow.

After work, I came into my home office to write. And in the space of about 90 minutes, I did about 1,300 words. I have an old story for which I got some good feedback (the original story is from 2003) that I felt could be better, knowing what I know 4 years later. So I began to rewrite it from scratch, trying to keep it to the same length as the original (about 5,500 words), but improving both the story and the writing. So far, I’m very pleased with it.

I’m about 100 pages through Spook Country and nearly finished with my re-read of Getting Things Done. I plan on getting through more of Spook Country shortly. Then at 7 PM, I’ll watch the Yankee/O’s game until Big Love comes on.

I have a busy weekend coming up. I’m spending the whole weekend on the “collection” and “processing” phases of the GTD process. And I also have an appointment at Saturn to have the hinge in the drivers door of my car replaced. I’m having my brakes checked while I’m there, as they’ve started to squeak and feel a little low.


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