Thursday morning

Up at 6 AM. I noticed that the old TV, DVD player, microwave, and a few other items were removed from the trash pile overnight. None of them work right (and the microwave doesn’t work at all) but maybe whoever took them can fix them and get some use out of them. I forgot to mention yesterday that I also remove the DirecTV post that has been in my front yard these past 5 years. It’s strange not seeing it there now.

My arm wasn’t too bad when I woke up this morning, but it got cranky as soon as I lifted up my backpack.

Kelly and I took the train into work. I head to Boston tomorrow and Dad heads out here. Kelly is picking me up from the airport Saturday night. Dad and I have a Tigers/Orioles game on Sunday. I printed my plane ticket for tomorrow. I have a small amount of packing to do (I’m only staying one night) this evening. My flight it at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Busy morning at work but I was pretty productive. I’ve got a meeting coming up in about 25 minutes and then my schedule is more or less clear for the rest of the day.


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