Yesterday when I arrived home from work, I checked the front door to see if any packages were left (as I routinely do now). Sure enough, there was another package from Macy’s. When I turned back around, I found a subpoena stuck to the door. It was a subpoena for a witness in a criminal case. It was not for Kelly or I, but for one of the previous residents of the unit. (We still get some of his mail occasionally, and although we diligently write, “No longer at this address” and dump it back in the mail, like a boomerang, it seems to come back to us.)

I’m not sure what to do with the subpoena, however. First, one would think that Arlington County would do a little more research before sticking a piece of paper on the door of the last known address. Like, confirm the person still lives there. There is a phone number you can call listed on the subpoena, but from what I can tell, you are only supposed to call it if you need the court to browbeat your employer into not firing you because you have to show up in court.

In boldface at the bottom is the warning that failure to appear can result in jail time. I don’t want this poor fellow to end up in jail. I’m thinking if I bring the thing to the rental office, the people there would have a forwarding address on file and could send it along to him. Does that seem reasonable?


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